Notice to Parents 

Hershey's websites may feature information on our products, promotions, sweepstakes, contests, entertainment and other features, information about our Company, or opportunities to apply for jobs or to shop online. Most of our websites are intended primarily for adult consumers. In fact, Hersheys has confirmed its intent to direct marketing messages for our products primarily to adults and, where brand-appropriate, to teens. Our products are not advertised in other media in an effort to interest children under 13 in our websites. However, Hersheys has also implemented reasonable methods to restrict the ability of children under 13 to have access to certain features on certain sites, consistent with our commitment to direct our messages primarily to adults or teens.

Different jurisdictions define a "child" somewhat differently for privacy and other purposes, based on their own laws. On websites where we may collect information from children, as defined by local law, and consistent with our marketing and other policies, we incorporate special notices urging them to get parental permission before providing any information or ordering products. We may ask visitors to confirm their age to restrict those who are underage from accessing certain sites, areas or features, and use cookies to prevent them from changing their age.

Please review our Privacy Policy for detailed information on our information collection and handling policies.